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Buy Lead: Furukawa crawler drill parts (See details)

950100-02020 Gear Pump-1 pcs can supply?If can , I want to get quotation >> More queries...

Posted By: Cho Zin Oo on June 01, 2022 47:43 From 37.111.43.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Other Construction & Real Estate

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Inquering Related Product: Furukawa crawler drill parts - Furukawa

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Seoul South KoreaBrand Name: FurukawaModel Number: Furukawa

Product Features:

Furukawa/Atlas copco/Tamrock/Ingersoll rand/Toyo/Soosan/ Sandvik spare parts crawler drill hydraulic drill machine

Product Cateogry: Other Construction & Real Estate

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Payment Terms: T/T

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Furukawa crawler drill parts

Packaging Information


Specifications and Product Details:

Original Product Page

007820-11001 Piston
084606-06006 elemen
MC1-106 worm wheel
050100-03026 gear
050100-03027 pinion shaft
050100-03049 shaft
050100-03006 worm
050100-03014 washer
99101-00005 bearing washer
268010-05000 bearing nut
MR13-111 oil ring
HD612-02003 plain bearing (B)
HD612-02102 plain bearing (A)
HD612-02002 trash bush
HD612-02006 chuck driver bush
940202-03002 regulator assy

Hd609-02103 thrust washer
Hd609-02006 chuck driver bush

M120-215 Nut
007820-60019 Spring Guide
081000-04005 Wear Plate Shim
081000-04003 wear plate(L.H)
081000-04009 wear plate(R.H)
MR13-161 Intetal Gear
050300-02012 Planetary Gear
050300-02013 Pinion Shaft
MR13-171 Brake Band
007820-22001 Chuck
007820-22006 Chuck
007820-34002 Blow Tube
007820-21005 Set Bolt
M120-214 Nut
MR4-123 Crank Arm
050100-02002 Motor Base
050100-02003 Motor Shaft
050100-02009 Roller Chain
950100-02020 Gear Pump
021001-02005 gear case
021001-02008 Gear Case Cover
021001-02012 Drive Pinion
021001-02014 Drive Gear
021001-02016 Final Shaft
081000-01005 front sprocket wheel
081000-01006 front shaft bearing
081000-01007 front shaft
081000-01023 front bearing shaft
GCD-116 rear sprocket wheel
272030-04508 Oil Seal
080900-05005 half bush
080900-05010 half bush
MR4-102 cylinder
MR4-116 rotary valve
MR4-104 valve bush
MR4-121 connecting rod retainer
MR4-107 Piston
MR4-108 piston pin
MR4-109 Piston Ring
021001-02003 Drive Sprocket
081000-01006 Front Shaft Bearing
050300-02010 drive shaft
MR13-161 internal gear
050300-02012 planetary gear
050300-02013 pinion shaft
280100-06209 Ball Bearing
280100-06206 Ball Bearing
150021-00855 key
264020-00062 Snap Ring
264010-00030 Snap Ring
MR13-103 connecting rod
050300-01040 valve sleeve
950300-01044 crank shaft
050300-01045 crank arm
MR13-108 piston pin
MR13-112 shaft sleeve
MR13-113 connecting rod bearing
MR13-114 connecting rod ring
050300-01042 rotary valve
021001-02016 final shaft
MR4-117 Crank
MR4-121 Connecting Rod Retainer
MR4-107 Piston
MR4-108 Piston Pin
MR4-109 Piston Ring
MR2-109 Connecting Rod
MR2-110 Wrist Pin
050100-01013 Master Rod washer
050100-01035 Needle Roller Bearing
MR2-135 Snap Ring
280040-06006 Ball Bearing
280100-06206 Ball Bearing
280100-06205 Ball Bearing
264020-00055 Snap Ring
007820-10004 Knock Pin
007820-13004 Valve
007820-36002 Through Bolt
007820-21005 Set Bolt
M120-214 22 Nut
M120-215 22 Nut
MR4-114 cylinder gasket
MR2-125 valve chest gasket
922001-04004 front idler(L.H)
MR13-101 Piston (drive motor)
MR13-109 Piston ring (drive motor)
MR13-171 Brake band
MR13-155 Brake wheel
081000-01007 Front shaft
084606-06006 Element
080900-05005 Half Bush
007820-20003 Idle Gear
007820-60003 Drive Gear
007820-30001 Back Head
GCC-214 Swing bolt pin
GCD-312 Swing bolt
GCD-313 Swing bolt washer
GCD-314 Swing bolt spring
101033-24080 24 find threaded bolt
101033-16050 16 find threaded bolt
120133-24000 24 find threaded nut
080900-05018 washer
145012-24000 24 spring washer
153008-08055 8 split pin
154037-06040 6 spring pin
154037-06085 6 spring pin
170312-00000 Grease nipple
080900-05010 Half bush
101033-16040 16 fine threaded bolt
080900-05012 Swing bolt grip
080900-05007 Holder bush
080900-05002 Holder (R.H.)
080900-05003 Holder (L.H.)
080900-05016 Foot pad

950101-00004 POWAR PUMP
950102-00005 Feed Motor
950300-01036 AIR MOTOR ASS'Y
984244-00032 hydraulic control valve
007820-22008 Chuck Driver

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