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electric heaters - HY2-30W-24V-34

Self-regulating, Low building height, Energy-saving, Suitable under any floors covering - more info check here: https://www.buildingsuppliesplaza.com/electric-heaters-11160490/

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland) Brand Name: HY Model Number: HY2-30W-24V-34 Type: Floor Heating Systems Safety: 24Volt

Product Features:


Low building height


Suitable under any floors covering

Business Terms:

Port: Shanghai/Ningbo

Minimum Order Quantity: 2000 Meter/Meters

Supply Ability: 1000000 Meter/Meters per Month

Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: CTN size: 26cm*30cm*37cm

Delivery Detail: 7-15days after payment

Specifications and Product Details:

Radiant Electric Floor Heating Systems


The SMW warmfloor system is based on 1,2mm thick and 34 cm wide heating elements, made of carbonenriched polyethylene. The elements are semiconductive and because of the resistance in this material, heat is developed. This also provides the selfregulating effect, called PTC.


• Low temperature consistently spreads out over a large surface.

• Closeness to the floor surface, less heating of underlaying materials.

• Selfregulation-effect further reduces the running costs.


• Easy installation

• Can be used under any floorcovering

• 1,2mm thickness reduces the building height.

• Less compounds on top of the warmfloor system means less waitingtime.


• Low temperature provides better indoor environment.

• 24 Volt tension is harmless in damp conditions, such as in bathrooms.

• Dries out moisture on the floor, avoiding fungus and rot.


• CO2-reductions, due to less use of energy for heating.

• Made of polyethylen plastics. 20% consists of recycled compounds. No use of hazardious chemicals or softeners neither in the product itself, nor during production.

PTC Warmfloor Products List

PTC heating element



Connectors – Crimping clips

Crimping tools

Sealant Tape to seal the connections

Wire Black and White

Insulation layer

Fixing Tape - to fix the Element to the sub-floor however it can also be nailed /stapled to the sub-floor avoiding the outer bus braids

Terminal Board Enclosures

Frequently Questions about PTC Warmfloor

A1. What is PTC Warmfloor? How safe is the product?

PTC Warmfloor is a strong, flexible, thin plastic heating mat. It is made of an innovative polymer blend that heats when electricity is passed through the material. Unlike other types of radiant floor heating, PTC Warmfloor has the unique ability to self-regulate. So it will not overheat. To provide power continuously along its length, a flat bus braid is embedded in the plastic sheet heater along each edge. Our system is energy efficient when continuously heat, allowing the self-regulating nature of the heating elements to control the floor temperature.

PTC Warmfloor is a very safe product and ideally suited for bathrooms and other wet environment. Because it is mainly a polymer, it will be unaffected by moisture. PTC Warmfloor is a low voltage system (24V).

A2. What types of floors can PTC Warmfloor be used under?

PTC Warmfloor provides such even and gentle heat that it can be used under almost any floorings including carpet, laminate, marble, stone, tile and wood, etc.

A3. Where else in the house can PTC Warmfloor be used?

PTC Warmfloor can be installed under driveways and paths to prevent snow and ice build up.
PTC Warmfloor is ideal for those hard to heat places e.g. basement rooms, conservatories and loft spaces.
PTC Warmfloor can be used as radiant wall heating.
PTC Warmfloor can be placed behind mirrors to prevent misting.
PTC Warmfloor can help plants to grow in greenhouses.

A4. Can PTC Warmfloor be installed under an existing floor?

Yes. As long as you have accessed to the sub floor, PTC Warmfloor can be installed between floor joists without altering your existing floor. We highly recommend insulation below the elements.

A5. Can PTC Warmfloor overheat?

Because of its polymer design, PTC Warmfloor cannot overheat. As the material gets warmer, a little electricity passes through the plastic and therefore less heat generate. It just like having a sensor over the whole floor.
PTC Warmfloor is even approved for using in the hospital beds, as it adapts to the temperature generated by body heat.

Export information

Name of commodity: PTC Warmfloor

MOQ: 2000M

Package: 30M/CTN

CTN size: 26cm*30cm*37cm

Payment: 30% T/T pay in advance, 70% T/T against the copy of B/L.

Lading port: Shanghai/Ningbo

Delivery time: depends on the quantity

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